Director of Strategy

The Position

We’re seeking a Director of Strategy to increase our executive capacity and help MIRI grow to keep up with increasing interest in (and funding for) MIRI’s mission of ensuring positive outcomes from the development of smarter-than-human AI.

The salary starts at $80,000 or potentially more (depending on experience), plus health insurance. Visa assistance is available if needed.

About MIRI

MIRI’s mission is to ensure that the creation of smarter-than-human intelligence has a positive impact. Our strategic focus is our technical research agenda on “superintelligence alignment,” composed of numerous subproblems in AI, logic, decision theory, and other fields.

Our research program currently employs four full-time research fellows, fosters collaboration with our research associates and others, runs several research workshops each year, and funds independently-organized workshops around the world. We publish our results in blog posts, technical reports, and peer-reviewed papers.

Our offices are located in downtown Berkeley, two blocks from the UC Berkeley campus. We work flexible hours, and sometimes work from home, though working from the office is nice because it has free meals, snacks, and drinks. 🙂

Some properties you should have

  • An MBA.
  • Past C-level management experience at a corporation with at least 20 employees.
  • Strong work ethic.
  • Growth mindset: eager and willing to improve.
  • (Deep familiarity with AI, AI risk, or global catastrophic risks in general is not required.)