Research Fellow

The position

MIRI’s mission is to ensure that the creation of smarter-than-human intelligence has a positive impact on the world. Our offices are located in downtown Berkeley, two blocks from the UC Berkeley campus.

We’re seeking ambitious, capable technical researchers to solve open problems related to the AI alignment problem. Our current research agenda includes work on topics such as logical uncertainty, decision theory, and corrigibility. Other research topics will be seriously considered if you can make the case for their tractability and their relevance to the design of cleanly designed, robustly and stably beneficial, well-understood AGI systems.

This is not a limited-term position. The ideal candidate has a career interest in these research questions and aims to develop into a senior research fellow at MIRI, or aims to continue these avenues of research at another institution after completing substantial work at MIRI.


Some properties you should have

  • Published research in computer science, logic, or mathematics.
  • Enough background to understand different parts of our research program and technical work as needed.
  • A proactive research attitude, and the ability to generate productive new ideas for research directions.

A formal degree in mathematics or computer science is not required, but is recommended.


Our recommended path to becoming a MIRI research fellow

To demonstrate the research ability we’re looking for in candidates, applicants should aim to do one or more of the following things:

  • Apply to attend one or more MIRI research workshops. Before applying for a fellowship, you’ll need to have attended at least one research workshop.
  • Attend several meetings of the MIRIx group nearest you.
  • Study our research thoroughly enough that you can publish interesting new technical contributions on the AI Alignment Forum.


Apply to get involved in our research.