Update February 11, 2019: Read how MIRI fared on Giving Tuesday 2018

Facebook and PayPal will start matching donations at 5:00am PT (8:00am ET) on Tuesday, November 27, 2018. The matching will expire when $7 million in donations is reached.

Given last year’s match was exhausted within 86 seconds of the event starting, it’s likely that this year’s instantiation will take a similar amount of time, if not shorter. Below are some tips to improve the chances of your donation to MIRI’s Fundraiser Page on Facebook being matched — donations should be made within a few seconds of 5am PT.


Pre-Donation Preparation (Monday)

  1. Confirm your FB account is operational.
  2. Add your credit card(s) as payment methods on FB: https://secure.facebook.com/settings?tab=payments&section=settings.
  3. Test your payment method(s) ahead of time by donating small amount(s) to MIRI’s Fundraiser page.
  4. Contact your credit card compan(y/ies) now to inform them that you will be making a number of payments to Facebook Payments in the coming 24 hours. This may help prevent them from declining the payments if their fraud detection mechanisms get over-excited, as occurred for a number of donors in 2017.
  5. If your credit card limit is lower than the amount you’re considering donating to MIRI, you could call your credit card asking them to temporarily increase your limit. The same effect might be achieved in a front-loading way by overpaying the balance today but, at this stage, that will only be effective if your credit card and checking A/Cs are with the same bank.
  6. Sync whatever clock you’ll be using with time.is.


Donation(s) (Tuesday)

On Tuesday morning, BEFORE 5AM PT, prepare your donation (so you can donate with a single click when the event begins at 5am):

  • Open MIRI’s Fundraiser Page on Facebook in your browser.
  • Click on the Donate button.
  • In the “Donate” popup that surfaces,
    1. enter your donation amount — between $5 and $2499. (see below for larger donations)
    2. choose whichever card you’re using for your donation
    3. optionally enter a note and/or adjust the donation visibility (Note you can make donations visible to “Only me” or “Public”)

Then, at 05:00:01 PST (one second past 5am, using time.is), click on the green Donate button!


Larger Donations

Can you give $2500 or more? Facebook has placed a limit of $2499 per donation (in the US1), and $20,000 per donor. If you’re in a position to donate $2500 or more to MIRI, open up MIRI’s Fundraiser Page on Facebook in as many tabs as needed in your browser (X<=8) and follow the instructions above in each tab so you have X green Donate buttons ready to click on at 5:00:01, one in each tab.  ↩

  1. Donations from outside USA have lower, less certain limits e.g. UK – STG180, Germany – €249, Australia – AUD300.  ↩