Update February 11, 2019: Read how MIRI fared on Giving Tuesday 2018

Coinciding with our 2018 Fundraiser, MIRI is included in three matching campaigns, offering leverage on donations in different ways — and at different rates — all focused around Giving Tuesday, November 27.

  1. Got ETH? Support MIRI in WeTrust’s Spring ETH matching campaign through Nov 27 (23:59 PST). This campaign is the first-ever implementation of Glen Weyl, Zoë Hitzig, and Vitalik Buterin’s Liberal Radicalism model for non-profit funding matching. Unlike most matching campaigns which match exclusively based on total amount donated, this campaign matches in a way that heavily factors in the number of unique donors when divvying out the matching pool of 500ETH ( = ~$53,000).

    If you have ETH, please consider supporting us at https://spring.wetrust.io/miri. Note that donations of the minimum qualifying amount of 0.1 ETH help us by boosting the overall match rate for all other larger donations made, while larger amounts let us capitalize on the resultant increased match rate.

  2. Can you donate online at 8:00am EST tomorrow (Giving Tuesday, November 27)? If so, go to MIRI’s Fundraiser Page and support us as part of Facebook/PayPal $7M Giving Tuesday matching event. Donations made before the $7M matching pool is exhausted will be matched 1:1, up to a maximum of $250,000 per organization, and a limit of $20,000 per donor.

    In last year’s event, it took only 86 seconds for the matching pool to be exhausted, and it’s likely to happen even faster this year. Colm has put together an instruction page to maximize the chances of your donation being matched.

  3. For everyone, through December 29 … Professional poker players Dan Smith, Aaron Merchak, Matt Ashton, and Stephen Chidwick, in partnership with Raising for Effective Giving, have just announced a $1 million Double-Up Drive and included MIRI among a list of “ten highly impactful charities” to which they will match donations. MIRI are coupled with Raising for Effective Giving in the Long Term Cause Pool, which has its own matching pool of $200,000.

    The Drive kicks off at 14:00 PST on Giving Tuesday, AFTER which donations can be made either (1) on doubleupdrive.com or (2) donating directly on MIRI’s website and sending your donation receipt to receipts@doubleupdrive.com.1

  1. For US tax residents interested in extracting tax advantage from their donation, we recommend option 2 — MIRI is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization.