MIRI AMA, and a talk on logical induction

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Nate, Malo, Jessica, Tsvi, and I will be answering questions tomorrow at the Effective Altruism Forum. If you’ve been curious about anything related to our research, plans, or general thoughts, you’re invited to submit your own questions in the comments below or at Ask MIRI Anything.

We’ve also posted a more detailed version of our fundraiser overview and case for MIRI at the EA Forum.

In other news, we have a new talk out with an overview of “Logical Induction,” our recent paper presenting (as Critch puts it) “a financial solution to the computer science problem of metamathematics”:



This version of the talk goes into more technical detail than our previous talk on logical induction.

For some recent discussions of the new framework, see Shtetl-Optimized, n-Category Café, and Hacker News.