Our Mission

MIRI exists to ensure that the creation of smarter-than-human intelligence has a positive impact.

Organizational Information

2015 Annual Review

An overview of MIRI’s activites in 2014.

Transparency & Financials

Our policies and financial records.

Top Donors

The largest supporters of our research.

Press Kit

High-level orientation material on our research and personnel.

Singularity Summit

We co-produce the Singularity Summit along with Singularity University.

All Publications

A complete list of all publications produced by MIRI and our Research Associates.

Our Values


Just as engineers build extra safety measures into the design of a bridge, we believe it is important to build extraordinary safety measures into smarter-than-human intelligence because it is an engineering project that may impact billions of lives.


Rationality is a toolkit built from cognitive science, probability theory, and decision theory. We believe that the methods of rationality are useful for solving difficult problems like those of advanced artificial intelligence.


We believe that we must test our beliefs against reality in order to have an accurate model of the world and its opportunities.


We believe that the most important problems can only be solved by picking the exactly correct answer out of a large space of apparently possible answers.