October 2020 Newsletter

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Starting today, Scott Garrabrant has begun posting Cartesian Frames, a sequence introducing a new conceptual framework Scott has found valuable for thinking about agency. In Scott's words: Cartesian Frames are “applying reasoning like Pearl's to objects like game theory's, with a motivation like Hutter's”. Scott will be giving an online talk introducing Cartesian frames this… Read more »

September 2020 Newsletter

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Abram Demski and Scott Garrabrant have made a major update to "Embedded Agency", with new discussions of ε-exploration, Newcomblike problems, reflective oracles, logical uncertainty, Goodhart's law, and predicting rare catastrophes, among other topics. Abram has also written an overview of what good reasoning looks in the absence of Bayesian updating: Radical Probabilism. One recurring theme: [I]n general… Read more »

August 2020 Newsletter

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MIRI updates Three questions from MIRI's Abram Demski: What does it mean to apply decision theory?, How “honest” is GPT-3?, and How should AI debate be judged? A transcript from MIRI researcher Scott Garrabrant: What Would I Do? Self-Prediction in Simple Algorithms. MIRI researcher Buck Shlegeris reviews the debate on what the history of nuclear weapons implies… Read more »

July 2020 Newsletter

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After completing a study fellowship at MIRI that he began in late 2019, Blake Jones is joining the MIRI research team full-time! Blake joins MIRI after a long career working on low-level software systems such as the Solaris operating system and the Oracle database. Other MIRI updates MIRI researcher Evan Hubinger goes on the FLI… Read more »

June 2020 Newsletter

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MIRI researcher Evan Hubinger reviews “11 different proposals for building safe advanced AI under the current machine learning paradigm”, comparing them on outer alignment, inner alignment, training competitiveness, and performance competitiveness.  Other updates We keep being amazed by new shows of support ⁠— following our last two announcements, MIRI has received a donation from another anonymous donor totaling ~$265,000 in euros, facilitated by… Read more »

May 2020 Newsletter

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MIRI has received an anonymous donation of ~$275,000 in euros, facilitated by Effective Giving UK. Additionally, the Survival and Flourishing Fund, working with funders Jaan Tallinn and Jed McCaleb, has announced $340,000 in grants to MIRI. SFF is a new fund that is taking over much of BERI's grantmaking work. To everyone involved in both decisions… Read more »

April 2020 Newsletter

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MIRI has been awarded its largest grant to date — $7,703,750 split over two years from Open Philanthropy, in partnership with Ben Delo, co-founder of the cryptocurrency trading platform BitMEX! (Update: Open Philanthropy decided not to move forward with its partnership with Ben Delo. This doesn’t affect the size of the grant we received, but means that… Read more »

MIRI’s largest grant to date!

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A big announcement today: MIRI has been awarded a two-year $7,703,750 grant by Open Philanthropy — our largest grant to date. In combination with the ~$1.06M Open Philanthropy is also disbursing to MIRI this year (the second half of their 2019 grant), this amounts to $4.38M per year over two years, or roughly 60% of… Read more »