If you have attended a workshop, event, or incurred costs on behalf of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, fill out this form to request reimbursement.

Submit a Reimbursement Request Now




You may submit a reimbursement request with this form if (and only if):
  1. You have been explicitly authorized by a MIRI staff member
  2. You have proper documentation of the expense (i.e., a full, detailed receipt)
  3. Your request is submitted after the good or service has been used1 (e.g., if you have booked a hotel 2 weeks in advance, do not submit reimbursement until after you have checked out of the hotel).
Note: If you are purchasing travel, please do not use any form of points, traveler reward miles, gift cards, account credit etc.! MIRI will not reimburse you for the use of your personal reward points.


  1. Please submit all your receipts at once. Do not make multiple submissions for individual receipts.
  2. Attach the entire receipt. Do not crop or screen-shot the minimum amount of information. It is far better for us to see who bought what, for how much, and when. As an example, for a reimbursable flight, attach a pdf of the entire flight confirmation email.
  3. When photographing receipts, please image each receipt individually. Do not send a picture of many paper receipts


  1. PayPal is our preferred reimbursement method. If you need to use another method, you may specify this, but PayPal will be the fastest way and avoids any extra bank/processing fees.
  2. Reimbursement is not instantaneous. Please allow 10 business days from the time of submission for your request to be processed.
  3. If your purchase was not in USD, we will make our best effort to reimburse you in the currency of purchase.

If you have any requests or considerations that are beyond the scope of this reimbursement process, please submit your questions to


Submit a Reimbursement Request Now

Example Receipts

Photograph receipts one at a time, in a legible, uncropped image.
When possible, send full, detailed receipts with all relevant information.

  1. This stipulation is in place to avoid cases where an incurred expense has been reimbursed to the individual, but unforeseen circumstances cause items to be returned or unused. If you have restrictions that make this unrealistic (e.g., carrying a large balance on a credit card for several months), please let us know before submitting your request at↩