2012 Summer Singularity Challenge Success!

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Thanks to the effort of our donors, the 2012 Summer Singularity Challenge has been met! All $150,000 contributed will be matched dollar for dollar by our matching backers, raising a total of $300,000 to fund the Machine Intelligence Research Institute’€™s operations. We reached our goal near 6pm on July 29th.

On behalf of our staff, volunteers, and entire community, I want to personally thank everyone who donated. Your dollars make the difference.

Here’€™s to a better future for the human species.

  • Brandon Reinhart

    Great to hear!

  • john ellis

    Feel free to contact me Luke.

    My security is so tight no-one knows who even themselves are:)

    The Singularity Institute is interested in the advent of smart, cross-domain, human-plus-equivalent, self-improving Artificial Intelligence. We do not forecast any particular time when such AI will be developed. We are interested in analyzing points of leverage for increasing the probability that the advent of AI turns out positive. We do not see ourselves as having the job of foretelling that it will go well or poorly – if the outcome were predetermined there would be no point in trying to intervene. We suspect that AI is primarily a software problem which will require new insight, not a hardware problem which will fall to Moore’s Law. We are interested in rational analyses which try to support each point of claimed detail, as opposed to storytelling in which many interesting details are invented but not separately supported.”

    It would also be useful if you run that past a logician AND Yudkowsky who knew me when I had mental illness, luckily by emergent science, and is understandably exclusionary in the absence of some intelligent intercourse.

    NB This is full of inconsistencies although I DO NOT doubt it’s brilliance.

    I beg you to get anything you high profile run through a logician, because we’re perceived as nutters like Einstein, Newton, Galileo and Darwin in their days, which doesn’t help (above exampled!)