Recent AI control brainstorming by Stuart Armstrong

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MIRI recently sponsored Oxford researcher Stuart Armstrong to take a solitary retreat and brainstorm new ideas for AI control. This brainstorming generated 16 new control ideas, of varying usefulness and polish. During the past month, he has described each new idea, and linked those descriptions from his index post: New(ish) AI control ideas. He also named each… Read more »

2014 in review

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It’s time for my review of MIRI in 2014.1 A post about our next strategic plan will follow in the next couple months, and I’ve included some details about ongoing projects at the end of this review.   2014 Summary Since early 2013, MIRI’s core goal has been to help create a new field of research devoted to the technical challenges… Read more »

New report: “An Introduction to Löb’s Theorem in MIRI Research”

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Today we publicly release a new technical report by Patrick LaVictoire, titled “An Introduction to Löb’s Theorem in MIRI Research.” The report’s introduction begins: This expository note is devoted to answering the following question: why do many MIRI research papers cite a 1955 theorem of Martin Löb, and indeed, why does MIRI focus so heavily… Read more »

Introducing the Intelligent Agent Foundations Forum

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Today we are proud to publicly launch the Intelligent Agent Foundations Forum (RSS), a forum devoted to technical discussion of the research problems outlined in MIRI’s technical agenda overview, along with similar research problems. Patrick’s welcome post explains: Broadly speaking, the topics of this forum concern the difficulties of value alignment- the problem of how to ensure that… Read more »

Bill Hibbard on Ethical Artificial Intelligence

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Bill Hibbard is an Emeritus Senior Scientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center, currently working on issues of AI safety and unintended behaviors. He has a BA in Mathematics and MS and PhD in Computer Sciences, all from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is the author of Super-Intelligent Machines, “Avoiding Unintended…

Fallenstein talk for APS March Meeting 2015

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MIRI researcher Benja Fallenstein recently delivered an invited talk at the March 2015 meeting of the American Physical Society in San Antonio, Texas. His talk was one of four in a special session on artificial intelligence. Fallenstein’s title was “Beneficial Smarter-than-human Intelligence: the Challenges and the Path Forward.” His slides are available here. Abstract: Today,… Read more »

New annotated bibliography for MIRI’s technical agenda

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Today we release a new annotated bibliography accompanying our new technical agenda, written by Nate Soares. If you’d like to discuss the paper, please do so here. Abstract: How could superintelligent systems be aligned with the interests of humanity? This annotated bibliography compiles some recent research relevant to that question, and categorizes it into six topics: (1)… Read more »

New mailing list for MIRI math/CS papers only

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As requested, we now offer email notification of new technical (math or computer science) papers and reports from MIRI. Simply subscribe to the mailing list below. This list sends one email per new technical paper, and contains only the paper’s title, author(s), and abstract, plus a link to the paper. Subscribe: Email Address * First Name… Read more »