Two papers accepted to AGI-15

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MIRI has two papers forthcoming in the conference proceedings of AGI-15. The first paper, previously released as a MIRI technical report, is “Reflective variants of Solomonoff induction and AIXI,” by Benja Fallenstein, Nate Soares, and Jessica Taylor.

Two attemptsThe second paper, “Two Attempts to Formalize Counterpossible Reasoning in Deterministic Settings,” by Nate Soares and Benja Fallenstein, is a compressed version of some material from an earlier technical report. This new paper’s abstract is:

This paper motivates the study of counterpossibles (logically impossible counterfactuals) as necessary for developing a decision theory suitable for generally intelligent agents embedded within their environments. We discuss two attempts to formalize a decision theory using counterpossibles, one based on graphical models and another based on proof search.

Fallenstein will be attending AGI-15.