Matthias Troyer on Quantum Computers

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Dr. Matthias Troyer is a professor of Computational Physics at ETH Zürich. Before that, he finished University Studies in “Technischer Physik” at the Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, Austria, as well as Diploma in Physics and Interdisciplinary PhD thesis at the ETH Zürich. His research interest and experience focuses on High Performance Scientific Simulations on architectures,… Read more »

Our new technical research agenda overview

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Today we release a new overview of MIRI’s technical research agenda, “Aligning Superintelligence with Human Interests: A Technical Research Agenda,” by Nate Soares and Benja Fallenstein. The preferred place to discuss this report is here. The report begins: The characteristic that has enabled humanity to shape the world is not strength, not speed, but intelligence. Barring… Read more »

New report: “Computable probability distributions which converge…”

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Back in July 2013, Will Sawin (Princeton) and Abram Demski (USC) wrote a technical report describing a result from that month’s MIRI research workshop. We are finally releasing that report today. It is titled “Computable probability distributions which converge on believing true Π1 sentences will disbelieve true Π2 sentences.” Abstract: It might seem reasonable that after seeing unboundedly many… Read more »

New report: “Toward Idealized Decision Theory”

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Today we release a new technical report by Nate Soares and Benja Fallenstein, “Toward idealized decision theory.” If you’d like to discuss the paper, please do so here. Abstract: This paper motivates the study of decision theory as necessary for aligning smarter-than-human artificial systems with human interests. We discuss the shortcomings of two standard formulations of… Read more »

New report: “Tiling agents in causal graphs”

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Today we release a new technical report by Nate Soares, “Tiling agents in causal graphs.” The report begins: Fallenstein and Soares [2014] demonstrates that it’s possible for certain types of proof-based agents to “tile” (license the construction of successor agents similar to themselves while avoiding Gödelian diagonalization issues) in environments about which the agent can… Read more »

New paper: “Concept learning for safe autonomous AI”

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MIRI research associate Kaj Sotala has released a new paper, accepted to the AI & Ethics workshop at AAAI-2015, titled “Concept learning for safe autonomous AI.” The abstract reads: Sophisticated autonomous AI may need to base its behavior on fuzzy concepts such as well-being or rights. These concepts cannot be given an explicit formal definition,… Read more »

December newsletter

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  MIRI’s winter fundraising challenge has begun! Every donation made to MIRI between now and January 10th will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to a total of $100,000!   Donate now to double your impact while helping us raise up to $200,000 (with matching) to fund our research program. Research Updates We’ve published a new guide… Read more »