Double Your Donations via Corporate Matching

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double-the-donation-logoMIRI has now partnered with Double the Donation, a company that makes it easier for donors to take advantage of donation matching programs offered by their employers.

More than 65% of Fortune 500 companies match employee donations, and 40% offer grants for volunteering, but many of these opportunities go unnoticed. Most employees don’t know these programs exist!

Go to MIRI’s Double The Donation page here to find out whether your employer can match your donations to MIRI. Or, use the form below:

  • Thinking Woman

    Double the Donation seems highly suspect. There is no information on them good or bad. Is this a scam company like Madoff or what?

    • Malo Bourgon

      Definitely not a scam.

      They don’t handle any money, they just provide information on the corporate matching programs that employers provide. Search “Google” on our Double the Donation page (which we pay them for), You’ll see they provide a bunch of information about the Google Matching Gifts program, and contact information.