MIRI’s November 2013 Newsletter

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Machine Intelligence Research Institute

Dear friends,
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News Updates

  • You can now support MIRI for free by shopping at smile.amazon.com instead of amazon.com. Update your bookmarks!
  • Louie Helm will be onsite for the Nov. 24th Marin county screening of Doug Wolens’ new documentary The Singularity. Details on this and other screenings are here.
Research Updates
Other Updates
  • Many of our friends have said Louie Helm’s Rockstar Research is among their favorite new sources of news; check it out!
  • Know an exceptionally bright, ambitious person younger than 20? Tell them to apply for The Thiel Fellowship! $100,000 to skip college and develop one’s skills and ideas, with an incredible network of mentors in the Bay Area.
  • CFAR has upcoming rationality workshops in February (Melbourne), March (Bay Area), and April (NYC). Tell your friends!
Luke Muehlhauser
Executive Director