Conversation with Holden Karnofsky about Future-Oriented Philanthropy

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Recently, Eliezer and I had an email conversation with Holden Karnofsky to discuss future-oriented philanthropy, including MIRI. The participants were:

We then edited the email conversation into a streamlined conversation, available here.

See also four previous conversations between MIRI and Holden Karnofsky: on existential risk, on MIRI strategy, on transparent research analyses, and on flow-through effects.

  • Pablo Stafforini

    A very interesting and illuminating exchange. Thanks for posting it.

    The hyperlinks in the pdf do not seem to be working.

    • lukeprog

      Yeah, it’s unfortunate. We might have to go back to releasing these things in .doc format instead. I’ll have somebody try to find a solution, though, so that hyperlinks are preserved in PDFs.