MIRI’s April 2014 Newsletter

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Machine Intelligence Research Institute

Research Updates

News Updates

  • We are actively hiring for three positions: math researcher, science writer, and executive assistant. Compensation is competitive and visa are possible.
  • We’re also accepting applications on a rolling basis for future MIRI research workshops. Please apply if you’re a curious academic looking for exposure to our material. If you’re accepted, we’ll contact you about potential workshops over time, as we schedule them.
  • We published our 2013 in Review: Fundraising post.
  • Louie was interviewed at io9 about the unsuitability of Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics for machine ethics.
  • Luke was interviewed at The Information about MIRI’s research. Unfortunately, the interviewer’s editing introduced several errors: see here.

Other Updates

  • April 11th is your last chance to vote for Nick Bostrom and others in Prospect‘s World Thinkers 2014 poll.
  • Oxford University is hosting an effective altruism conference in July. Speakers include Nick Bostrom and Derek Parfit. Register here.
  • Registration is also open for Effective Altruism Summit 2014, in August in the Bay Area.
  • Our frequent collaborators at the Future of Humanity Institute are currently hiring a research fellow in philosophy, for a focus on population ethics.

As always, please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Luke Muehlhauser
Executive Director