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Earlier today I was alerted to the existence of (archived screenshot). MIRI has nothing to do with that website and we believe it is a fake.

The website claims there is a “Singularity 2014″ conference “in the Bay Area” on “November 9, 2014.” We believe that there is no such event. No venue is listed, tickets are supposedly sold out already, and there are no links to further information. The three listed speakers are unknown to us, and their supposed photos are stock photos (1, 2, 3). The website prominently features an image of Ray Kurzweil, but Ray Kurzweil’s press staff confirms that he has nothing to do with this event. The website also features childish insults and a spelling error.

The website claims the event is “staged and produced by former organizers of the Singularity Summit from the Machine Intelligence Research Institute,” and that “All profits benefit the Machine Intelligence Research Institute,” but MIRI has nothing to do with this supposed event.

The domain name was registered via eNom reseller on September 15th, 2014 by someone other than us, and is associated with a P.O. Box in Panama.

MIRI is collaborating with Singularity University to have the website taken down. If you have information about who is responsible for this, please contact

The next Singularity Summit will be organized primarily by Singularity University; for more information see here.


Update: The website has been taken down.

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