A new MIRI FAQ, and other announcements

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MIRI is at Effective Altruism Global! A number of the talks can be watched online at the EA Global Livestream.

We have a new MIRI Frequently Asked Questions page, which we’ll be expanding as we continue getting new questions over the next four weeks. Questions covered so far include “Why is safety important for smarter-than-human AI?” and “Do researchers think AI is imminent?

We’ve also been updating other pages on our website. About MIRI now functions as a short introduction to our mission, and Get Involved has a new consolidated application form for people who want to collaborate with us on our research program.

Finally, an announcement: just two weeks into our six-week fundraiser, we have hit our first major fundraising target! We extend our thanks to the donors who got us here so quickly. Thanks to you, we now have the funds to expand our core research team to 6–8 people for the coming year.

New donations we receive at https://intelligence.org/donate will now go toward our second target: “Accelerated Growth.” If we hit this second target ($500k total), we will be able to expand to a ten-person core team and take on a number of important new projects. More details on our plans if we hit our first two fundraiser targets: Growing MIRI.