July 2016 Newsletter

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  • The White House is requesting information on “safety and control issues for AI,” among other questions. Public submissions will be accepted through July 22.
  • Concrete Problems in AI Safety“: Researchers from Google Brain, OpenAI, and academia propose a very promising new AI safety research agenda. The proposal is showcased on the Google Research Blog and the OpenAI Blog, as well as the Open Philanthropy Blog, and has received press coverage from Bloomberg, The Verge, and MIT Technology Review.
  • After criticizing the thinking behind OpenAI earlier in the month, Alphabet executive chairman Eric Schmidt comes out in favor of AI safety research:

    Do we worry about the doomsday scenarios? We believe it’s worth thoughtful consideration. Today’s AI only thrives in narrow, repetitive tasks where it is trained on many examples. But no researchers or technologists want to be part of some Hollywood science-fiction dystopia. The right course is not to panic—it’s to get to work. Google, alongside many other companies, is doing rigorous research on AI safety, such as how to ensure people can interrupt an AI system whenever needed, and how to make such systems robust to cyberattacks.

  1. Inspiration for these gyms came in part from Chris Olah and Dario Amodei in a conversation with Rafael.