MIRIx has been discontinued as of 2024

Thanks to all past organizers and participants!

Why do we fund MIRIx workshops?

  • We want more people exposed to, and thinking about, AI safety problems.
  • We want to identify more researchers to invite to the primary MIRI workshops.
  • We want to identify researchers we’d like to hire.

MIRI wants to support AI safety research around the world. Our MIRIx program encourages mathematicians, computer scientists, and formal philosophers to organize their own workshops, and offers to reimburse the organizers for expenses.

A MIRIx workshop can be as simple as gathering some of your friends to read MIRI papers together, talk about them, eat some snacks, scribble some ideas on whiteboards, and go out to dinner together. Or it can be a multi-day research workshop pursuing a specific line of attack on a particular problem. It’s up to you.

In some cases we’ll be able to send a MIRI research fellow to your first meeting to give tutorials and answer questions, or perhaps they’ll Skype in to your workshop to do the same. We’ll work out the details, and send you some tips on how to organize the workshop. All you have to do to get the process started is contact us by applying below!

If you want tips on how to run a successful research group, we recommend reading the Alignment Research Field Guide, which we originally wrote for MIRIx groups.