Why Now Matters

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I’m often asked whether donations now are more important than donations later. Allow me to deliver an emphatic yes: I currently expect that donations to MIRI today are worth much more than donations to MIRI in five years. As things stand, I would very likely take $10M today over $20M in five years. That’s a… Read more »

Targets 1 and 2: Growing MIRI

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Momentum is picking up in the domain of AI safety engineering. MIRI needs to grow fast if it’s going to remain at the forefront of this new paradigm in AI research. To that end, we’re kicking off our 2015 Summer Fundraiser! Rather than naming a single funding target, we’ve decided to lay out the activities… Read more »

MIRI’s 2015 Summer Fundraiser!

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This last year has been pretty astounding. Since its release twelve months ago, Nick Bostrom’s book Superintelligence has raised awareness about the challenge that MIRI exists to address: long-term risks posed by smarter-than-human artificially intelligent systems. Academic and industry leaders echoed these concerns in an open letter advocating “research aimed at ensuring that increasingly capable… Read more »

An Astounding Year

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It’s safe to say that this past year exceeded a lot of people’s expectations. Twelve months ago, Nick Bostrom’s Superintelligence had just been published. Long-term questions about smarter-than-human AI systems were simply not a part of mainstream discussions about the social impact of AI, and fewer than five people were working on the AI alignment… Read more »

Grants and fundraisers

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Two big announcements today: 1. MIRI has won $299,310 from the Future of Life Institute’s grant program to jumpstart the field of long-term AI safety research. $250,000 will go to our research program over the course of three years. This will go towards running workshops and funding a few person-years of research on the open… Read more »


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Hello, I’m Nate Soares, and I’m pleased to be taking the reins at MIRI on Monday morning. For those who don’t know me, I’ve been a research fellow at MIRI for a little over a year now. I attended my first MIRI workshop in December of 2013 while I was still working at Google, and… Read more »