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Welcome to the new home for the Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI), formerly called “The Singularity Institute.”

The new design (from Katie Hartman, who also designed the new site for CFAR) reflects our recent shift in focus from “movement-building” to technical research. Our research and our research advisors are featured prominently on the home page, and our network of research associates are included on the Team page.

Getting involved is also clearer, with easy-to-find pages for applying to be a volunteer, an intern, a visiting fellow, or a research fellow.

Our About page hosts things like our transparency page, our top contributors list, our About page hosts things like our transparency page, our top contributors list, our new press kit, and our archive of all Singularity Summit talk videos, audio, and transcripts from 2006-2012. (The Summit was recently acquired by Singularity University.)

Follow our blog to keep up with the latest news and analyses. Recent analyses include Yudkowsky on Logical Uncertainty and Yudkowsky on “What Can We Do Now?”

We’ll be adding additional content in the next few months, so stay tuned!

  • michael rudolf


    I saw your new moniker, and I am not sure if it is the best, if you are trying to “sell” the idea of the singularity to the others. I have been with the idea since 1967, when as a college sophmore, I began speculating on the idea of what I called “The Supercession of Mankind”………I had seen a conference on computers exiting into the hallway of the college community building and began talking to one of the participants, about the idea that someday we would be superceded by artificial intelligence. I got complete pushback from everyone who I engaged with this idea…….no one, even the computer experts would concede the idea that “man’s” intellegence would ever be exceeded…….I found this somewhat astonishing even at that time……I had intuited that biology was a complex process derived from chemistry, and that someday, we would be able to elucidate the process of biology, and even the concept of conciousness, which felt was an extremely complex process of biology…..

    I finally gave up trying to argue the case, except for a limited group of people, but it wasn’t until years later,when I heard Ray Kurzweil on the Diane Rheem show in 1999, that I finally found someone who “got” it, and had the credentials of actual work to validate his ideas……….I became a “Johnny Appleseed” guy of the singularity and began arguing the case to whom ever would listen……..I also went to the first and second Singularity Summits, and was impressed by the guests, and even the audience. I was also impressed by how skeptical so many I talked to about the idea of seeing humans superceded by “machine” or artificial intelligence……

    That is why, even way back in 1967, I used the term supercession, rather than take over, to describe the eventual process(which I presumed wouldn,t happen for a long time……not to worry, not in our lifetime!!)…….but I always assumed that it would be a good process, as long as we embedded our ethics and humanity into the process………the end result would be superintelligence with super ethics!

    So, I have always used positive words and inclusion to describe the process, and that it would be a good thing, and that the more intelligent we get, the higher our aspirations for our role in humanity become, precluding all the horrible things humans have done to one another in the past…..

    It is with those considerations that I would recommend, (depending on of course the audience you are attempting to address) changing the word “Machine” with something less dehumanizing and/or threatening a term to define the processs.

    I am fairly sure that you thought long and hard about the words you would use to feature your organization, to more accurately describe what it would be about, I am just suggesting, that to better sell the idea of what you do, a gentler more inclusive word than “machine” could be found……….Applauding your work……..sincerely from a now much older “singularitarian”………….Michael Rudolf