MIRI Has Moved!

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For the past several months, MIRI and its child organization CFAR have been working from a much-too-small office on the outskirts of Berkeley. At the end of June, MIRI and CFAR took over the 3rd floor of 2030 Addison St. in downtown Berkeley, which has sufficient space for both organizations.

Our new office is 0.5 blocks from the Downtown Berkeley BART exit at Shattuck & Addison, and 2 blocks from the UC Berkeley campus. Here’s a photo of the campus from our roof:

view of campus from roof (500px)

The proximity to UC Berkeley will make it easier for MIRI to network with Berkeley’s professors and students. Conveniently, UC Berkeley is ranked 5th in the world in mathematics, and 1st in the world in mathematical logic.

Sharing an office with CFAR carries many benefits for both organizations:

  1. CFAR and MIRI can “flex” into each other’s space for short periods as needed, for example when MIRI is holding a week-long research workshop.
  2. We can share resources (printers, etc.).
  3. Both organizations can benefit from interaction between our two communities.

Getting the new office was a team effort, but the person most responsible for this success was MIRI Deputy Director Louie Helm.

Note that MIRI isn’t yet able to accommodate “drop in” visitors, as we keep irregular hours throughout the week. So if you’d like to visit, please contact us first.

We retain 2721 Shattuck Ave. #1023 as an alternate mailing address.