A reply to Francois Chollet on intelligence explosion

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This is a reply to Francois Chollet, the inventor of the Keras wrapper for the Tensorflow and Theano deep learning systems, on his essay “The impossibility of intelligence explosion.” In response to critics of his essay, Chollet tweeted:   If you post an argument online, and the only opposition you get is braindead arguments and… Read more »

Security Mindset and the Logistic Success Curve

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Follow-up to:   Security Mindset and Ordinary Paranoia   (Two days later, Amber returns with another question.)   AMBER:  Uh, say, Coral. How important is security mindset when you’re building a whole new kind of system—say, one subject to potentially adverse optimization pressures, where you want it to have some sort of robustness property? CORAL:  How novel is the… Read more »

Security Mindset and Ordinary Paranoia

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The following is a fictional dialogue building off of AI Alignment: Why It’s Hard, and Where to Start.   (AMBER, a philanthropist interested in a more reliable Internet, and CORAL, a computer security professional, are at a conference hotel together discussing what Coral insists is a difficult and important issue: the difficulty of building “secure”… Read more »

AlphaGo Zero and the Foom Debate

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AlphaGo Zero uses 4 TPUs, is built entirely out of neural nets with no handcrafted features, doesn’t pretrain against expert games or anything else human, reaches a superhuman level after 3 days of self-play, and is the strongest version of AlphaGo yet. The architecture has been simplified. Previous AlphaGo had a policy net that predicted… Read more »

AI Alignment: Why It’s Hard, and Where to Start

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Back in May, I gave a talk at Stanford University for the Symbolic Systems Distinguished Speaker series, titled “The AI Alignment Problem: Why It’s Hard, And Where To Start.” The video for this talk is now available on Youtube:     We have an approximately complete transcript of the talk and Q&A session here, slides… Read more »