Four Articles Added to Research Page

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Four older articles have been added to our research page. The first is the early draft of Christiano et al.’s “Definability of ‘Truth’ in Probabilistic Logic” previously discussed here and here. The draft was last updated on April 2, 2013. The second paper is a cleaned-up version of an article originally published in December 2012 by… Read more »

When Will AI Be Created?

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Strong AI appears to be the topic of the week. Kevin Drum at Mother Jones thinks AIs will be as smart as humans by 2040. Karl Smith at Forbes and “M.S.” at The Economist seem to roughly concur with Drum on this timeline. Moshe Vardi, the editor-in-chief of the world’s most-read computer science magazine, predicts… Read more »

Advise MIRI with Your Domain-Specific Expertise

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MIRI currently has a few dozen volunteer advisors on a wide range of subjects, but we need more! If you’d like to help MIRI pursue its mission more efficiently, please sign up to be a MIRI advisor. If you sign up, we will occasionally ask you questions, or send you early drafts of upcoming writings for… Read more »

AGI Impact Experts and Friendly AI Experts

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MIRI’s mission is “to ensure that the creation of smarter-than-human intelligence has a positive impact.” A central strategy for achieving this mission is to find and train what one might call “AGI impact experts” and “Friendly AI experts.” AGI impact experts develop skills related to predicting technological development (e.g. building computational models of AI development… Read more »

“Intelligence Explosion Microeconomics” Released

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MIRI’s new, 93-page technical report by Eliezer Yudkowsky, “Intelligence Explosion Microeconomics,” has now been released. The report explains one of the open problems of our research program. Here’s the abstract: I. J. Good’s thesis of the ‘intelligence explosion’ is that a sufficiently advanced machine intelligence could build a smarter version of itself, which could in… Read more »

“Singularity Hypotheses” Published

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Singularity Hypotheses: A Scientific and Philosophical Assessment has now been published by Springer, in hardcover and ebook forms. The book contains 20 chapters about the prospect of machine superintelligence, including 4 chapters by MIRI researchers and research associates. “Intelligence Explosion: Evidence and Import” (pdf) by Luke Muehlhauser and (previous MIRI researcher) Anna Salamon reviews the… Read more »

Altair’s Timeless Decision Theory Paper Published

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During his time as a research fellow for MIRI, Alex Altair wrote a paper on Timeless Decision Theory (TDT) that has now been published:  “A Comparison of Decision Algorithms on Newcomblike Problems.” Altair’s paper is both more succinct and also more precise in its formulation of TDT than Yudkowsky’s earlier paper “Timeless Decision Theory.” Thus, Altair’s… Read more »

MIRI’s Strategy for 2013

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This post is not a detailed strategic plan. For now, I just want to provide an update on what MIRI is doing in 2013 and why. Our mission remains the same. The creation of smarter-than-human intelligence will likely be the most significant event in human history, and MIRI exists to help ensure that this event… Read more »