MIRI’s June 2014 Newsletter

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Dear friends, The SV Gives fundraiser was a big success for many organizations, and especially for MIRI. Thanks so much, everyone! Research Updates Two new papers: “Program equilibrium…” (accepted to the MIPC workshop at AAAI-14) and “Problems of self-reference…” (accepted for AGI-14). First report from our May workshop: “Loudness: on priors over preference relations.” (Other reports… Read more »

Milind Tambe on game theory in security applications

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Milind Tambe is Helen N. and Emmett H. Jones Professor in Engineering at the University of Southern California (USC). He is a fellow of AAAI (Association for Advancement of Artificial Intelligence) and ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), as well as recipient of the ACM/SIGART Autonomous Agents Research Award, Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation Homeland security award,… Read more »

New report: “Loudness: On priors over preference relations”

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Today we release the first technical report from our May 2014 workshop: “Loudness: on priors over preference relations” by Benja Fallenstein and Nisan Stiennon. Other technical reports from that workshop are also in progress. Here’s the abstract for this report: This is a quick writeup of a problem discussed at the May 2014 MIRI workshop: how to… Read more »

MIRI wants to fund your independently-organized Friendly AI workshop

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To support Friendly AI research around the world, our new MIRIx program funds mathematicians, computer scientists, and formal philosophers to organize their own Friendly AI workshops. A MIRIx workshop can be as simple as gathering some of your friends to read MIRI papers together, talk about them, eat some snacks, scribble some ideas on whiteboards, and… Read more »

Aaron Tomb on crowd-sourced formal verification

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Aaron Tomb is a Principal Investigator at Galois, where his work includes research, development, and project leadership in the area of automated and semi-automated techniques for analysis of software, including type systems, defect detection tools, formal verification, and more general software development tools based on deep analysis of program semantics. He joined Galois in 2007,… Read more »

Lennart Beringer on the Verified Software Toolchain

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Lennart Beringer is an Associate Research Scholar at Princeton University, where he uses interactive proof assistants to develop provably correct compilers, program analyses, and other software verification tools. Previously, he held research appointments at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich and the University of Edinburgh, where he developed proof-carrying-code techniques for mobile code architectures, focusing on properties of… Read more »

Johann Schumann on high-assurance systems

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Dr. Johann Schumann is a member of the Robust Software Engineering Group RSE at NASA Ames. He obtained his habilitation degree (2000) from the Technische Universität München, Germany on application of automated theorem provers in Software Engineering. His PhD thesis (1991) was on high-performance parallel theorem provers. Dr. Schumann is engaged in research on software and… Read more »

Sandor Veres on autonomous agents

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Professor Sandor Veres was born and educated in Hungary as applied mathematician. He completed his PhD in dynamical modelling of stochastic systems in 1983 and worked in industry on computer controlled systems. In 1987-1988 he received two consecutive scholarships at Imperial College London and at Linacre College Oxford. Between 1989-1999 he was lecturer at the… Read more »