New Paper: “Program Equilibrium in the Prisoner’s Dilemma via Löb’s Theorem”

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We’ve released a new paper recently accepted to the MIPC workshop at AAAI-14: “Program Equilibrium in the Prisoner’s Dilemma via Löb’s Theorem” by LaVictoire et al. This paper is essentially a shortened version of Barasz et al. (2014). For the history of the key results therein, see Robust Cooperation: A Case Study in Friendly AI Research. Abstract… Read more »

Christof Koch and Stuart Russell on machine superintelligence

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Recently, Science Friday (hosted by Ira Flatow) featured an interview (page, mp3) with Christof Koch and Stuart Russell about machine superintelligence. Christof Koch is the Chief Scientific Officer of the Allen Institute for Brain Science, and Stuart Russell is a computer science professor at UC Berkeley, and co-author of the world’s most-used AI textbook. I was glad to hear… Read more »

Exponential and non-exponential trends in information technology

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Co-authored with Lila Rieber. In The Singularity is Near, Ray Kurzweil writes that “every aspect of information and information technology is growing at an exponential pace.” In Abundance, the authors list eight fields — including nanomaterials, robotics, and medicine — as “exponentially growing fields.” The Second Machine Age says that “technical progress” in general is “improving exponentially.” These authors… Read more »

Benjamin Pierce on clean-slate security architectures

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Benjamin C. Pierce is Henry Salvatori Professor of Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania and a Fellow of the ACM. His research interests include programming languages, type systems, language-based security, computer-assisted formal verification, differential privacy, and synchronization technologies. He is the author of the widely used graduate textbooks Types and Programming Languages and Software Foundations…. Read more »

Michael Fisher on verifying autonomous systems

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Michael Fisher is a professor of Computer Science, specialising in logical methods and automated formal verification, and Director of the multi-disciplinary Centre for Autonomous Systems Technology at the University of Liverpool and member of the Logic and Computation group in the Department of Computer Science. Professor Fisher is also a Fellow of both the BCS… Read more »

Harry Buhrman on quantum algorithms and cryptography

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Harry Buhrman is head of the research group ‘Algorithms and Complexity’ at the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, Amsterdam, which he joined in 1994. Since 2000 he also has a joint appointment as full professor of computer science at the University of Amsterdam. Buhrman’s research focuses on quantum computing, algorithms, complexity theory, and computational biology. In… Read more »

New paper: “Problems of self-reference in self-improving space-time embedded intelligence”

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We’ve released a new working paper by Benja Fallenstein and Nate Soares, “Problems of self-reference in self-improving space-time embedded intelligence.” Abstract: By considering agents to be a part of their environment, Orseau and Ring’s space-time embedded intelligence is a better fi t for the real world than the traditional agent framework. However, a self-modifying AGI that sees… Read more »

Liveblogging the SV Gives Fundraiser

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Today MIRI is participating in a massive 24-hour fundraiser called SV Gives. Strategy details here, donate here. This blog post will be updated many times throughout the day. Total donated to MIRI: $110,245. Total prizes & matching won for MIRI: $61,330.   12:12am Pacific: That’s a wrap, folks! Our thanks once again to SVCF for… Read more »