MIRI 2024 Mission and Strategy Update

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As we announced back in October, I have taken on the senior leadership role at MIRI as its CEO. It’s a big pair of shoes to fill, and an awesome responsibility that I’m honored to take on. There have been several changes at MIRI since our 2020 strategic update, so let’s get into it.1 The… Read more »

Written statement of MIRI CEO Malo Bourgon to the AI Insight Forum

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Today, December 6th, 2023, I participated in the U.S. Senate’s eighth bipartisan AI Insight Forum, which focused on the topic of “Risk, Alignment, & Guarding Against Doomsday Scenarios.” I’d like to thank Leader Schumer, and Senators Rounds, Heinrich, and Young, for the invitation to participate in the Forum. One of the central points I made… Read more »

2020 Updates and Strategy

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MIRI’s 2020 has been a year of experimentation and adjustment. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we largely moved our operations to more rural areas in March, and shifted to a greater emphasis on remote work. We took the opportunity to try new work set-ups and approaches to research, and have been largely happy with… Read more »

MIRI’s 2019 Fundraiser

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MIRI’s 2019 fundraiser is concluded. Over the past two years, huge donor support has helped us double the size of our AI alignment research team. Hitting our $1M fundraising goal this month will put us in a great position to continue our growth in 2020 and beyond, recruiting as many brilliant minds as possible to… Read more »

2018 in review

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Our primary focus at MIRI in 2018 was twofold: research—as always!—and growth. Thanks to the incredible support we received from donors the previous year, in 2018 we were able to aggressively pursue the plans detailed in our 2017 fundraiser post. The most notable goal we set was to “grow big and grow fast,” as our… Read more »

2017 in review

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This post reviews MIRI’s activities in 2017, including research, recruiting, exposition, and fundraising activities. 2017 was a big transitional year for MIRI, as we took on new research projects that have a much greater reliance on hands-on programming work and experimentation. We’ve continued these projects in 2018, and they’re described more in our 2018 update…. Read more »

MIRI’s 2018 Fundraiser

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Update January 2019: MIRI’s 2018 fundraiser is now concluded.   Target 1 $500,000 CompletedTarget 2 $1,200,000In Progress $946,981 | | $0 | $300,000 | $600,000 | $900,000 | $1,200,000 Fundraiser concluded 345 donors contributed × Target Descriptions Target 1 Target 2 $500k: Mainline target This target represents the difference between what we’ve raised so far… Read more »

Summer MIRI Updates

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In our last major updates—our 2017 strategic update and fundraiser posts—we said that our current focus is on technical research and executing our biggest-ever hiring push. Our supporters responded with an incredible show of support at the end of the year, putting us in an excellent position to execute on our most ambitious growth plans…. Read more »