Fundraising success!

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Our 2017 fundraiser is complete! We’ve had an incredible month, with, by far, our largest fundraiser success to date. More than 300 distinct donors gave just over $2.5M, doubling our third fundraising target of $1.25M. Thank you!   Target 1$625,000CompletedTarget 2$850,000CompletedTarget 3$1,250,000Completed $2,504,625 raised in total! 358 donors contributed × Target Descriptions Target 1 Target… Read more »

MIRI’s 2017 Fundraiser

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Update 2017-12-27: We’ve blown past our 3rd and final target, and reached the matching cap of $300,000 for the $2 million Matching Challenge! Thanks so much to everyone who supported us! All donations made before 23:59 PST on Dec 31st will continue to be counted towards our fundraiser total. The fundraiser total includes projected matching… Read more »

A major grant from the Open Philanthropy Project

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I’m thrilled to announce that the Open Philanthropy Project has awarded MIRI a three-year $3.75 million general support grant ($1.25 million per year). This grant is, by far, the largest contribution MIRI has received to date, and will have a major effect on our plans going forward. This grant follows a $500,000 grant we received… Read more »

Updates to the research team, and a major donation

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We have several major announcements to make, covering new developments in the two months since our 2017 strategy update: 1. On May 30th, we received a surprise $1.01 million donation from an Ethereum cryptocurrency investor. This is the single largest contribution we have received to date by a large margin, and will have a substantial effect on our plans over… Read more »

2016 in review

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It’s time again for my annual review of MIRI’s activities. In this post I’ll provide a summary of what we did in 2016, see how our activities compare to our previously stated goals and predictions, and reflect on how our strategy this past year fits into our mission as an organization. We’ll be following this post… Read more »

2015 in review

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As Luke had done in years past (see 2013 in review and 2014 in review), I (Malo) wanted to take some time to review our activities from last year. In the coming weeks Nate will provide a big-picture strategy update. Here, I’ll take a look back at 2015, focusing on our research progress, academic and… Read more »

2014 Winter Matching Challenge Completed!

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Wow! Thanks to the generosity of 75+ donors, today we successfully completed our 2014 Winter Matching Challenge—over 3 weeks ahead of our deadline—raising more than $200,000 total (with matching) for our research program. Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed!

Calling all MIRI supporters for unique giving opportunity!

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Update: We are liveblogging the fundraiser here. Read our strategy below, then give here!   As previously announced, MIRI is participating in a massive 24-hour fundraiser on May 6th, called SV Gives. This is a unique opportunity for all MIRI supporters to increase the impact of their donations. To be successful we’ll need to pre-commit to… Read more »