Recent Hires at MIRI

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MIRI is proud to announce several new team members (see our Team page for more details):

Benja Fallenstein attended four of MIRI’s past workshops, and has contributed to several novel results in Friendly AI theory, including Löbian cooperation, parametric polymorphism, and “Fallenstein’s monster.” Her research focus is Friendly AI theory.

Nate Soares worked through much of the MIRI’s courses list in time to attend MIRI’s December 2013 workshop, where he demonstrated his ability to contribute to the research program in a variety of ways, including writing. He and Fallenstein are currently collaborating on several papers in Friendly AI theory.

Robby Bensinger works part-time for MIRI, describing open problems in Friendly AI in collaboration with Eliezer Yudkowsky. His current project is to explain the open problem of naturalized induction.

Katja Grace has also been hired in a part-time role to study questions related to the forecasting part of MIRI’s research program. She previously researched and wrote Algorithmic Progress in Six Domains for MIRI.

MIRI continues to collaborate on a smaller scale with many other valued researchers, including Jonah Sinick, Vipul Naik, and our many research associates.

If you’re interested in joining our growing team, apply to attend a future MIRI research workshop. We’re also still looking to fill several non-researcher positions.