New paper: “Exploratory engineering in artificial intelligence”

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Luke Muehlhauser and Bill Hibbard have a new paper in the September 2014 issue of Communications of the ACM, the world’s most-read peer-reviewed computer science publication. The title is “Exploratory Engineering in Artificial Intelligence.” Excerpt: We regularly see examples of new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities… No doubt such automation will produce tremendous economic value, but will we… Read more »

2014 Summer Matching Challenge Completed!

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Thanks to the generosity of 100+ donors, today we successfully completed our 2014 summer matching challenge, raising more than $400,000 total for our research program. Our deepest thanks to all our supporters! Also, Jed McCaleb’s new crypto-currency Stellar was launched during MIRI’s fundraiser, and we decided to accept donated stellars. These donations weren’t counted toward the matching drive, and their market… Read more »

MIRI’s recent effective altruism talks

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MIRI recently participated in the 2014 Effective Altruism Retreat and Effective Altruism Summit organized by Leverage Research. We gave four talks, participated in a panel, and held “office hours” during which people could stop by and ask us questions. The slides for our talks are available below: Muehlhauser, MIRI Intro Yudkowsky, Caring about Many Distant People in Strange… Read more »

Scott Frickel on intellectual movements

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Scott Frickel is Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Institute for the Study of Environment and Society at Brown University. His research interweaves sociological analysis with environmental studies and science and technology studies. Prior to coming to Brown he was Boeing Distinguished Professor of Environmental Sociology at Washington State University. He holds a… Read more »

Nick Bostrom to speak about Superintelligence at UC Berkeley

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MIRI has arranged for Nick Bostrom to discuss his new book — Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies — on the UC Berkeley campus on September 12th. Bostrom is the director of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University, and is a frequent collaborator with MIRI researchers (e.g. see “The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence“). He is the…

2014 Summer Matching Challenge!

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Thanks to the generosity of several major donors,† every donation made to MIRI between now and August 15th, 2014 will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to a total of $200,000!   $0 $50K $100K $150K $200K We have reached our matching total of $200,000! 116 Total Donors   Now is your chance to double your impact while… Read more »

An appreciation of Louie Helm

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Louie Helm has left MIRI to pursue another opportunity. Louie remains a valued MIRI advisor, and we wish him the best in his new venture. Louie played a pivotal role in MIRI’s recent transformation. Indeed, I most naturally think of the past 2.5 years as the “Luke & Louie era” in MIRI’s history. So I’d like… Read more »

May 2015 decision theory workshop at Cambridge University

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MIRI, CSER, and the philosophy department at Cambridge University are co-organizing a decision theory workshop titled Self-Prediction in Decision Theory and AI, to be held in the Faculty of Philosophy at the Cambridge University. The tentative dates are May 13-19, 2015. Huw Price and Arif Ahmed at Cambridge University are the lead organizers. Speakers confirmed so far… Read more »